SWOP – designed to meet every challenge

No special technical requirements for the school or existing IT skills for teachers are needed to use SWOP. We handle the server, setup, updates and security of your SWOP throughout the contract term. SWOP can be used on all modern, Internet-enabled devices.

Class Register

SWOP Class Register combines the simple and quick entry of information with the best possible overview of the current situation. It provides almost casual answers that you previously had to wait for or seek for a long time. Gone are the days of carrying a class register from room to room.


Info is the digital equivalent of the shelf in the staffroom, the notice board in the foyer and letters addressed to parents – an easy-to-use information management system with extendable areas and customisable permissions. Provide information, documents or dates to parents, pupils or staff – or simply create a new area for an individual group.


The Grades module enables our schools to record the grades of all students in a class or course, as well as any additional information, during class time or right after marking at home. Once recorded, each grade is automatically processed until the report is issued and averages are automatically calculated. Gone are the days of laborious transferring, copying and calculating, and rushing to meet grading deadlines.


Homework is our module for learning management. Teachers can use Homework to make assignments available online, track progress and provide feedback. Pupils work on their assignments, ask questions and submit their results in the form of a document or photo. It is really easy for teachers to set assignments and collect and mark the results. Pupils and parents get a daily overview of upcoming assignments at home, without having to search for them.


SWOP Live allows you to hold audio and video conferences. Plan your conference and make the details available to the relevant people, groups or classes. Students, parents and colleagues can use their SWOP login details to access their conferences. Live is compliant with the GDPR and only uses servers in Germany.


The Post module is more than just a messenger feature. Does an important message need to be sent out to the Parents Council? Does something need to be noted by all staff by tomorrow? Do you need to send a quick message to a colleague? Do you want the parents of your class to coordinate something? Make a post! You can also set up a chatroom for the school trip that will be automatically deactivated after the trip.


The Timetable module offers innovative lesson and substitute planning as the basis for the Class Register and Grades modules. Automatically and flexibly create timetables for all staff and easily manage substitutions.


We work with you to create a modern and stylish website that can integrate SWOP. In doing so, we use state-of-the-art technologies and security features. We always stay in contact with you and ultimately deliver a website that reflects your ideas and you can subsequently manage.


Billboard is the digital notice board for your school. This module allows you to publish important information such as meal plans, substitution plans, school rules and bus timetables on any number of monitors in the school. The school software with multiple modules and tools.


Countless possibilities. Let’s work together to determine what will help you.

Die Software zur Unterstützung Deiner Schulverwaltung